10 June 2009

Where In The World

I was thinking yesterday about all the places in the world I would like not only to visit but maybe as places to live. I have seen some of them and probably won't see the rest, but each of them has something that makes me want to try.
My list is below with the reasons why....

London, GBR - History, history, history / British fog and rain / Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club / Mr. Page and Mr. Halfin / easy access to the rest of Europe / architecture

Santa Fe, NM - Beautiful light / the desert /hot days and cool nights / Native American culture / Ottmar Liebert

San Diego, CA - Perfect weather / Steve Perry

Bar Harbor, ME - Skudding clouds and flapping sails / honky tonk nights / Acadia National Park / sunrise from Mt. Desert Island / lobster rolls / concerts at the Bandshell

Savannah, GA - History, history, history / steamy days / tankers in the harbor / a little quirkiness / spanish moss

Cortona, Italy - Tuscan views / olive trees and homemade wine / history, history, history / Tuscan cuisine / slower pace of living and enjoying it / courtyards and markets / the Etruscans / lemoncello

These are my places in the world. Where would the world take you?


  1. Anonymous14 June, 2009

    Hi Aunt Di. Sorry I haven't commented lately. I have been sooo busy at work since it is the beginning of the tourism season. Here is my list of places I would like to see or go back to.

    1. Italy - follow my roots

    2. Cannes, France - Just looks absolutely beautiful

    3. Boston, MA - See a game at Fenway Park

    4. Vail, CO - Snowboard

    5. Texas - REDFISHHHHING

    Love you and hope all is well, RYAN

  2. Thanks for the comments Ryan!!

  3. Anonymous24 June, 2009

    Well - let's see - I've always wanted to visit Australia - it is so far away but it seems like it would be an interesting place to visit.
    Definitely Greece - so beautiful!! The houses on the side of the mountain overlooking the water - just gorgeous!!! I wish we had the time to do a cross-country trip & visit the USA. There are so many interesting places right here in our own country that I'll probably never get to see. I would love to just grab the whole family in a Winnebago & take off for 6 months & explore - what fun!!!


  4. J-Bird,

    You can drive almost across county to come and visit me in Santa Fe!!!

  5. Anonymous26 June, 2009

    Haha - Santa Fe it is!!!!