26 June 2009

The Inspired Moment

I've been thinking this morning about all the ways inspiration works its way into our everyday lives. From a news story about a heroic rescue of someone from a burning building to simply sitting with your feet up, watching a spectacular sunset.

Inspiration encourages, motivates, stimulates and provides the stepping stones for ideas. You can't make an inspired moment happen or drag it kicking and screaming into your head with the expectation of an immediate epiphany.

My inspiration for writing today came simply from a song. While I was out walking today, I was listening to music and particularly to Ronnie James Dio singing Catch the Rainbow. Now, some folks might think there's nothing particularly inspiring about this song. But for me, at that moment, the combination of that voice and Blackmore's guitar had an effect on me that made me want to write about it. You know that feeling you get; the goosebumps, a full heart, the euphoria? Thanks Dio and Blackmore!!

Here's another example of an unexpected inspired moment. In February of this year I started writing a book. Go figure...no formal training...who do I think I am? I would never have considered this if not for a conversation with my five year old nephew. We had taken a walk and were standing in what he refers to as the "cave", a sheltered area under some tall pine boughs. As we stood there, he very matter-of-factly introduced me to his imaginary friends living in the "cave" and told me a little about them. On the way back from the walk, ideas started running through my head about all the places this story could go. All this from a conversation with a five year old with an incredible imagination.

We all have busy lives and it's often difficult to free up space in our heads to make room for inspired moments. For me one the best places to do a good brain "clean-up" is the beach. Give me a chair and a sun visor and I'm good to go. The minute I start really listening to that surf and the gulls overhead, all the extraneous garbage starts sifting away, leaving loads of room for new ideas.

Inspiration comes in many forms and we can often miss it when it comes to us. But when an inspired moment grabs us and encourages us to attempt something we might never have considered previously, we really should just take it and run with it. You never know where it might take you.

Today's blog is also dedicated to my buddy, Jeff, a most constant source of inspiration and encouragement. I wouldn't have even thought about doing this if not for his suggestion. Thanks brutha.....Sarge


  1. Anonymous28 June, 2009

    Run with your inspiration & WRITE THAT BOOK!!!! I will be first in line to get my autographed copy. I believe in you & your dreams!!! You can do anything!!!

  2. Anonymous28 June, 2009

    In case you didn't know that was from J-Bird - I always forget to sign off - sorry - love you!!

  3. Thank you much, J-Bird. Love you also...