29 June 2009

It's Carnival Week!!!

The Carnival has come to town and is open for business.

This year I have a birds-eye view from my back porch. From my vantage point I can see the Ferris Wheel with it's brightly colored cars outlined against the green hillside across the river; the blue, purple, red, green and white striped tents and can almost hear the waving pendants snapping smartly in the breeze.

Before the day is out, I expect to be hearing the delighted (or terrified) screams of those people adventurous enough to try the rides, smelling the aroma of cotton candy carried on a warm breeze and watching the lights come on as the sun goes down. I haven't gone to the carny in years but am actually looking forward to it this year. This should be an interesting week in town....I'll keep you posted as events unroll, especially you out-of-towners from Ohio, because I know you miss this!

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  1. Anonymous29 June, 2009

    Haha - can't wait to hear all about it - get a hot sausage & fried veges for me!!!! I love them!!! Enjoy the carny people!!! What a view!!!