08 June 2009

Music and Me

I decided to start a blog simply as another means of communication. My nephew and friend Ryan started one a few months ago and the response he's received is incredible. People seem to open up more freely when writing, rather than in person. I'm also something of a "motormouth", not in the physical sense but on paper. I don't plan on getting "heavy" with any subject, but it will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes back to me.

OK, what can we talk about? Music is a big deal with me so let's go with that. My musical tastes are all over the place, from Led Zep to Ottmar Liebert to Imogen Heap to The Raconteurs to Billy Burnette to Metallica to Sugarland.....See what I mean? I am a child of the 70's but I love to give a listen to anything new. So, if anyone has any new music to share, please do. My current listens are Imogen Heap, the new Metallica, Blackmores Night and Joe Bonamassa.

Music is a valuable commodity. It can change the way you feel by raising your spirits or taking you to a "mellow down easy" place. It can make you scream out loud, cry, dance, sing, fall in love (or out). It can inspire. A great guitar solo will stay in your memory forever and a singer hitting a high note can make your hair stand on end.

Being a person who has listened to music for so many years, I do tend to think that music has lost something over the years. Today's music seems to be created for a quick listen and then on to the next flavor of the week. There seems to be less attention to detail and creativity and more on marketing and money. But then, what do I know.

As an aside and related to the music subject, check http://www.rosshalfin.com/. Mr. Halfin has been writing about and photographing bands and performers for years. His diary is always interesting, often laugh out loud funny and his photos are some of the best I've ever seen. He's irreverent, opinionated and I wish I could meet him! He travels with Metallica and has a best friend by the name of Jimmy Page. Take a look....

So what do you think? Where does music take you?


  1. Anonymous09 June, 2009

    Music has a wide topic base. Heres a game for discussion. Pick ur ultimate band with different members. Who would be lead vocals, guitar,bass,drums,etc. only rule each member has to be from a differrent group and you can cross genres.

    The Sand Pebble

  2. Anonymous09 June, 2009

    I have always loved music. I associate music with different periods in my life (happy, sad). Sometimes I'll hear a song & it will spark a memory that I totally forgot about & I will either smile :) or cringe :{ (hopefully more smiles). We've always had music in the house & my kids have grown to love all varieties. We especially love music from the 40s & 50s & the 80s. I'll have to listen to your suggestion & get back to you. I'm not very good at giving critiques but I'll do my best. I just know that my world would be empty without music cause it is the best. Who wouldn't want to be up on stage singing our hearts out in front of thousands of people - oh to have a great voice!!!! HaHa!!!! I guess I'll have to be happy singing in the shower!!! Janie

  3. Anonymous09 June, 2009

    OMG - I don't think I know enough musicians to play - I'll have to do research!!! Can I use David Cassidy or Bobby Sherman? HaHa!! Janie

  4. Thanks for the comments! The ultimate band?? Lets see:
    Lead vocals - Depending on the type of music I'd have to go with Dio or Steve Perry
    Lead guitar - obvious choice for me would be Mr. Page but a second would be SRV.
    Bass - would have to be John Paul Jones - great arranger as well.
    Rythum guitar - Keith Richards
    Drums - John Bonham (back from the dead) or Cozy Powell (also back from the dead).

  5. Anonymous10 June, 2009

    Ok - I agree w/the vocals - definitely Steve Perry - love him!!
    And because Diana is the foremost expert on Mr. Page, he has my vote on lead guitar.
    I love a great sax & definitely drums so I will have to research & get back to you. Janie