30 June 2009

Reflections of a Hometown Carnival

Well, Monday night I watched the carnival from my back porch. From where I sat, I could hear the sounds of the rides and the riders, which gave me a giggle and, I actually did catch the aroma of cotton candy and carny food on the breeze. It was actually very pretty after the sun went down and all the lights from the rides stood out against the dark sky. On Tuesday I took a walk down there with some friends to take a closer look.

It was definitely smaller than I remembered from my visits during my school days. As I looked around at the the kids walking through the grounds, I saw myself as I must have looked so many years ago. This was fun for them, something to break up the summer. I remember how that felt and how much I had looked forward to this too. I especially remembered walking the few blocks from Uncle Paul and Aunt Dorothy's house with my cousins.

The only ride I rode was the Ferris Wheel (my companions were not "calm stomach" riders). It was fun but my fear of heights caused me to lose my breath a little on the first lift away from the ground. I recall saying to myself over and over, "Please don't let it stop while we're at the top". We played some of the games and won quite a few "special prizes" such as a stuffed pig, stuffed dog, stuffed monkey, stuffed squirrel (?), eight knives (I think) and an actual goldfish, which my nephew kindly gave away to a little girl.

The food that I ate was delicious and I had to head for the cotton candy before we left. Remember when you would walk up to a cotton candy vendor and they would spin your cotton candy onto that paper cone? That was the best, made right then and there, all sticky spun sugar and air. Now you get cotton candy that was probably brought in four days ago already packed into a plastic bag. Bummer, but I ate it anyway!

All in all, it was a pleasant couple of hours. I will probably walk down again sometime, buy myself some more carny food and bring it back to the porch, put my feet up and enjoy the sights and sounds from a distance. J-Bird, I had the hot sausage and it was fabulous but no fried veggies to be found! Enjoy the photos!! If you click on the Picassa symbol in the bottom right corner you can view the photos individually....they're bigger and prettier...

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  1. Anonymous03 July, 2009

    HaHa - glad you enjoyed the hot sausage - bummer on the veges!!! Too funny with the ferris wheel - some people just can't hold their french fries!!! The pix were beautiful!