11 July 2009

Adventures in Serendipity #2

Third day of house sitting and a very lazy one. The weather has gone from cool & cloudy to hot & steamy and a drenching storm has just gone through. And now we're back to hot and steamy. I went out into the garden earlier and shot some photos (the photo on this segment was shot by the home owner). Not much excitement today..however, the two newborn rabbits have opened their eyes and the blue-ribbon rabbit attempted a jail break during the morning feeding! I'll have the scratches on my arm for days. Not a very productive day for the most part but I did manage to talk myself into a short nap.

Dinner will be on the grill again along with another fine bottle of wine and some favorite music (I think I'll go with Joni Mitchell's BLUE). I didn't think I would like spending all this time by myself but I've found that I enjoy my own company more than I expected. Enjoy your evening!


  1. Anonymous11 July, 2009

    Whatever happens - don't lose the blue-ribbon rabbit! Enjoy the serenity while you can because before you know it - back to reality :( Wish I were there soaking it up. Pour a glass for me.


  2. Again, thank you J-Bird for reading and commenting. Actually, my reality is going to have a lot of this in it from now on.

    Love ya sista!