11 July 2009

Adventures in Serendipity #3

Last night while I was cooking dinner, I listened to Joni Mitchell's BLUE again. This is definitely an older collection but a timeless one. My favorite song on this one is ALL I WANT and my favorite verse is "I am on a lonely road looking for the key to set me free". Not lonely in the sense of sad and alone, but rather being alone in finding the fit in the niche. Anyway, wonderful music with which to do some cooking. (Or some dancing around the room with a wooden spoon).

After dinner (and I must say, it was another fabulous one, made just for me) I again took my remaining bottle of dinner wine to the lower terrace and plopped myself down on the chaise. It was a wonderful evening. The storm had pushed away all the steamy heat and left a strong, cool breeze in its place. As I lay there watching the clouds skid by, I began to see patches of clear sky above the dark clouds, like little blue holes of hope. The wind was fairly strong (it was after all pushing out that heavy, steamy air) and I closed my eyes and actually LISTENED to the sound of the air in thousands of leaves, no other sound but that one. To quote my honorary brutha and friend Jeff, I was "listening to the earth turn". Basically, this was one fine evening.

As an aside, please check out my favorite places above on the right of my page for the Rock and Roll Gallery as it is featuring Mr. Ross Halfin, one of my favorite photographers. He IS the master of rock and roll photography.

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