09 July 2009

Diana's Adventures in Serendipity #1

I'm housesitting for friends for a few days along with taking care of their animals. Now, they don't have just a cat or a dog, oh no...I've become the adopted caregiver for 4 cats, 2 Great Danes (both tower over me and every time I look at them I have the urge to sing the theme song to Scoobie-Do. They are however the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen), a bird (who coos like it's going out of style) and 18 flop-eared rabbits (yes 18, two of which are virtually newborns). The instructions for the care and feeding of the rabbits alone is four pages long. This is work people!!

Regardless of a little bit of work, the best part of being here is that I seem to have found Serendipity. There are flowers, plants of all sorts and tall grasses planted everywhere on the terraced hillside in the back along with rows of colorful coneflowers and other varieties along the road in the front. I decided that I deserved a great meal on my first night here. I grilled steaks, made angelhair pasta with tomatos, garlic, black olives, mushrooms and onions, along with grilling some great tuscan bread. And then topped it all off with a great bottle of Merlot.

After dinner I walked down the terraced steps with the remainder of my wine to the chaise lounge and planted myself there. The sun had gone down enough to make the air cool and sweet and I sat there and listened to nothing but the sound of birds and the breeze in the leaves of the trees. Serendipity in the making. I think we forget sometime how pleasant silence can be. I sat there for quite a while listening to that blessed silence until I realized I still had 18 rabbits waiting for their evening meal!


  1. Anonymous10 July, 2009

    Haha - Serendipity can only last so long then it's back to reality. Watch out for the droppings!!!


  2. Thank you again J-Bird for reading & commenting. Actually, I'm taking a lot of this back to my reality, it's working for me! Love ya sista!

  3. Anonymous22 July, 2009

    Glad to hear it - right bacatcha!!