24 July 2009

Music and Lyrics (Are You Listening?)

On my nephew Ryan's recent blog he talks about music and how certain songs can be equated to specific times or people in our lives, just by the lyrics alone. He cited two songs along with lyrics that reminded him of specific moments in his life and his analogies of those songs in contrast to his life are as always, insightful and thought provoking. Ryan is a big music fan and like me, is open to new things musically. We share a lot of the same tastes in music but we listen to music in different ways. When Ryan hears a song he's listening to the words, taking them in, studying them. That's his connection to the music. Now, me...I don't hear the words to a song until three or four plays later. What grabs me is that first KRAANG of a guitar, the drum intro, a quiet piano or organ at the beginning building anticipation or the voice of a great singer (I still don't hear the words right away). Either way, whether you hear the words or just listen to the music, as long as you listen, you'll hear it.

Below are two examples of songs I've heard that have moved and excited me, made me think and feel. Both are, of course, Mr. Page. The first is White Summer (my favorite) performed in 1970 and the second is Midnight Moonlight performed in 1985. The first time I watched Midnight Moonlight, I don't think I even heard Paul Rodgers singing, I only heard the guitar and watched the hands of Mr. Page. His playing on both makes me visualize a sharp needle zig-zagging through the finest silk. They're both a little long, but worth the time. And I know J-Bird will be watching Bonham's drumming!

Thanks for the inspiration, Ryan!!

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  1. Anonymous29 July, 2009

    You were correct - totally loved his drumming!!! Oh maybe someday!!! I'm alot like Ryan. When I first hear a song, I totally hear the words. A line will catch my ear & I'll turn up the volume to hear the rest of the lyrics. Of course, the melody has to be good or I wouldn't stay with it. I'm definitely a "word" person.