12 August 2009

The "Gifted" Time-Out

11 August-1:00 am and out comes the notebook. Thoughts tumbling in a sleepless head, Mr. Page's "Emerald Eyes" playing quietly in the background. Watching for meteors in the sky. Peace. Time forced to a crawl by my own hand.

Months ago, a very wise friend and advisor told me to take this "gifted" time and put it to good use, embrace it, enjoy it. I've never been given better advice. Although the circumstances that have given me this time-out in life have not been ideal, I will always be thankful for it. When the "time-out" comes to an end and I'm forced rudely back into "real" life, my view of how life should feel and be lived will have changed considerably. My advice to anyone would be to give yourself the "gift" of "time". What would you do with a little bit of gifted time? What would you "gift" to yourself? It's so worth the effort :-)


  1. I guess I would enjoy the "gift" of time more if I didn't have to worry about the "gift of money" & the freedom from financial worry. When I try to relax & enjoy myself & do something fun, my mind worries over the everyday things - ah to win the lottery!

  2. Island Woman13 August, 2009

    It seems you have put your "gift of time" to good use for yourself. We all should do that. Even when I have that time I seem to squander it on needless moments. I've got to do my "gift of time" better.