02 August 2009

Let's Talk

It's after midnight and I seem to be doing my thinking later and later. What came to mind was how I've been communicating lately and with whom. I think I've become an Internet junkie pen-pal! Now some might use that statement to go off on a rant about the ills of the computer age, but this is actually fun..I think I've "met" more people this way than I have face to face in the last year. I'm a blogger, am on Facebook and Twitter and have three email accounts. I follow the writings of about 20 other bloggers, have at the moment 120 people following me on Twitter and follow about 150 there myself. Twitter is my favorite. I've found that it's great for networking and yes, it's also fun to find out what Demi and Ashton are up to! I'll admit I do follow some of the famous and some of them actually talk back. There are some very interesting people here. Some examples:

There are two bands from London who started following me. Both are working on debut albums and it's great getting an inside look into their worlds. One of them is The Fury http://www.myspace.com/thefurybanduk. The desk mixer in their studio was used by The Who, Queen & Def Leppard. They're great to talk to and I love their music.

There's Ivy, Norma and Mabel, all also from England. They all live in a care-home and Ivy is soon to be 104 years old. She's quite famous over there as she has quite a following on Twitter. She's also on Facebook and when I asked to become a friend she politely replied that she has over 90,000 requests for friends and is only allowed 5,000! She's lovely.

I've met two ladies from Pittsburgh, both organic gardeners . One has a completely edible garden (flowers and all) oh and she also grows hops with which her boyfriend makes beer for her...she is also a blogger and it's always a great read http://gabriellethegardeningangel.blogspot.com/ There's a lady from Los Angeles who writes about wine for non-professional wine drinkers. I follow my favorite bands and very often hear about things before others.

So, while I still prefer the normal face-to-face, sound-of-a-voice conversation, I have to say that this is a great substitute....it opens up horizons and keeps the words coming! Find someone and talk!

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  1. See I told you - lots of Pen Pals. It just goes back to when we were kids & at school they would have you send a letter to someone in another country. Now with the computer age, it just makes it easier. Enjoy - friends are the backbone - everyone needs one.