29 August 2009

Rain, Rain Down on Me

I'm away for the weekend again. This time I'm helping a friend pick the last of the corn from his (BIG) garden. And consequently turning it into "eat it now corn", creamed corn, frozen corn (will be a sweet treat in the winter!) and kick-ass black bean salsa (my very own recipe).

We picked yesterday. Corn stalks "tall as an elephants eye", cicadas buzzing and other insects I chose to ignore. If I didn't think about them, they weren't there! I was also told that a black bear has taken to standing at the edge of the woods to stare at the cornfield. Fortunately, we didn't meet. As I got into the rhythm of walking and picking, I started to feel really good despite the humid air and the bits and pieces of the garden that had begun to stick to every part of my clothing. I saw the most beautiful dragonfly I've ever seen. Huge and iridescent blue/green. I smelled earth, air, and life.

A bit into the work, thunder started to roll in and the sun disappeared behind dirty cotton ball clouds. Within ten minutes, a steady but soft rain began to fall. My companions seemed to think this was a bad thing :-) But me, I just had to stay out in it. I simply can't remember when I've felt anything so good. Cool, soft, refreshing, clean and natural. I could have stayed out in that rain all day. At one point I actually felt like lying down in the grass and just letting it wash over me! Standing out in that downpour actually brought a smile to my face. It was a simple, good thing.

By the time we got home, I was soaked to the skin, but not the least bit uncomfortable. There's something about being out in nature and actually enjoying it that takes away the discomfort. I wish for more moments like these. Moments that come naturally, unexpectedly and bring a smile to my face. Just listening to the earth turn....

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