05 September 2009

The Burning Man

This charming gentleman was the focus of a "burning man" party this weekend. Burning Man is devoted to the act of gift giving. The value of the gift is unconditional. Burning Man encourages the individual to discover, exercise and rely on his or her inner resources. We were given slips of paper on which to write requests, prayers, hopes, wishes, sorrows, thank-yous and dreams. These slips of paper were then placed inside the body of the selfless burning man. I placed four of them myself; one for thanks, one wish, one of sorrow and one of joy.

Everyone participated, from the adults to the youngest children. As day fell to evening, a clear sky, full moon and stars too numerous to count. The touch of a gentle flame to the wooden structure and suddenly excitement in the air! And then an all-encompassing fire with all those wishes, hopes, dreams & requests lifting on the air to their destinations. Quiet descended on those surrounding the fire as faces were lifted to the sky, eyes watching as each ember made it's fiery way up and out. I took photos, watching as the "burning man" released his gifts to the sky and at one point "he" actually looked like a skeleton. An empty shell, released of responsibility. As our gift-giver crumbled into ashes, the party resumed as parties do.

It was a good time :)

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