12 September 2009

So Much Music, So Little Time

I had a thought today that brought me back to my favorite subject, music. I wondered how music had become such a big part of my everyday. I cook to Joe Bonamassa, dream and relax to Ottmar Liebert and when bad comes to town, James Patrick Page fits the bill! I can't do my daily walk without those earbuds and as I'm typing here, I'm listening to my playlist on Blip.fm. Now, I don't have music playing ALL the time, but I seem to have developed a greedy need for it. I love Blip.fm because there is so much music being streamed there from so many different people that you can't help but find something new and different to listen to.

So I wondered, where did this thread of music begin? I remember my parents buying LP's of their favorite singers and bands; my Dad's anticipation when he set those records on the turntable and the few seconds wait before the needle caught the groove. Or was it my mom's singing while she did household chores with innumerable children underfoot. She sang constantly while she worked and I can still hear those melodies. She had a beautiful voice and she sang songs that I have at times sung to my nephews and nieces. She doesn't sing often now, but I have heard her lately when she doesn't think anyone is listening. Maybe it was my Dad playing the harmonica. No musical training but he could play any song he heard after a few tries. He was at his best when he played soft, quiet music. It made me feel the way a train whistle in the distance does today, safe but a little lonesome. He also doesn't play these days, but the "thread" remains.

Was part of the influence determined by my job in the Air Force, where one of my duties was to contact bands and book them into the club? I credit my two "oldest" younger brothers for my love of Deep Purple, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Who and most particularly Led Zeppelin. My "youngest" younger brother opened my eyes to rockabilly, psychobilly and Reverend Horton Heat. Years ago, I accidently ran across an article on the web about Ottmar Liebert and have loved his music from that point on.

Regardless of the source, the "threads" continue to sew a muscial tapestry with which I surround myself. With any luck, when I'm dragged kicking and screaming into my 80's and 90's, I'll still be looking for that new sound, following a band and equating a melody with a moment.

This blog's title was suggested by my friend and musical compatriot Jeff. A fine musician and singer in his own right and an invaluable source of inspiration. Thank you "Brutha"!


  1. You know Diana,I love music so much, and it's been such a huge comfort and influence on my life, that I actually "feel sorry" for people who don't share our depth of appreciation. have you ever felt like that??

  2. Hi Tom,
    Thanks so much for the comment! I suppose everyone develops their own "appreciation" of something in their lives. If not music, then another influence. Writing about music is a way for me to share some general feeling about it and perhaps also, to generate some curiosity for others to go out and listen :)
    Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  3. It's funny how you bring up the past with Mom & Dad. I remember all of those moments as well & I do believe that's where my love of music started also. Every Sunday morning those records would play & on the patriotic holidays you were guaranteed the "patriotic" songs. I always felt like marching. Parties were for polka music - that definitely brought on the dancing :) Oh, our 'burg roots! I can remember washing dishes at the kitchen sink & singing songs with Shari. Too funny. I've managed to instill that same sense of love of music in my kids - I always had something on the radio or an album playing as they were growing up & now I have a son who would love to be a DJ full-time & a daughter who sings to her daughter every chance she gets. Music is a lifeline that can carry on through the generations. Thanks for your words Diana - they are "music" to me.


  4. Thank you J-Bird!! I think I'm gonna cry!!!