09 October 2009

The Three Little Monkeys

After several requests, I have decided to post the story that my six year old nephew and I wrote together last Friday night. Keep in mind, a six year old and a more than six year old auntie throwing ideas and sentences back and forth at each other. My co-author has also asked me to mention that autographed copies are available upon request.


By: Justice Andrew & Auntie Di

Three little monkeys went on an adventure to Australia to try and find their grandfather. The first little monkey had bright blue eyes. The second little monkey had a giant swing. The third little monkey had a big red balloon.

In Australia, they found a great big bird. The bird carried them up into the air and over the mountains to the island where their grandfather lived. The first little monkey jumped off the bird when he saw his grandfather. Then the second little monkey jumped too. The third little monkey waited until the bird landed and then he jumped off. The three little monkeys ran to their grandfather. They were just in time for breakfast. After breakfast, they went mountain climbing. They climbed higher and higher until they reached a big sun-bright meadow filled with all sorts of colorful flowers.

The first little monkey saw a rabbit and ran off to pet it. The second little monkey saw a pretty horse and went to take a ride on him. The third little monkey lost the red balloon and went running after it. The three little monkeys played in the meadow with their grandfather until the sun went down. The three little monkeys and their grandfather climbed back on the big bird for a ride down the mountain. They all went to sleep and the next morning they decided to go and visit the fairies on the other side of the mountain.

The big bird flew them all to the other side of the mountain. They saw the fairies flying all around them. The fairies sprayed them with magic fairy perfume so that the little monkeys could fly too. They also had dinner with the fairies, bananas and meatloaf! The first little monkey was so happy he said "Ooh Ooh Aah Aah"! The little monkeys said goodbye to the fairies and flew back home again to their grandfather's house.

Now, the three little monkeys had no family except for their grandfather so they decided to stay and live with him because they were having such a good time. Their grandfather was so happy that the three little monkeys had decided to stay that he jumped around and danced. They lived happily ever after as a family. THE END.

And there you have it. The first Nephew/Auntie collaboration. It was a divine pleasure :)


  1. Haha!! I love it!! Please autograph my copy to Aunt Janie!!! XOXO

  2. So cute! I will take one copy please.
    Aunt Shari