29 November 2009

Winter Adventures in Serendipity

Beginning on Monday, I will be house-sitting for friends for a week. I house-sat for the same friends last July and posted daily reflections during my week's stay. If you read my posts back then, Adventures in Serendipity, you know that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I reveled in a week of quiet contemplation and "me" time. I expect to do the same this week. As before, it won't be all down time. They still have 2 Great Danes, 4 cats, 1 bird and 5 rabbits (they had 17 last visit).

The last time I stayed there I wrote, read, listened to much music, sat in the twilight every night with a glass of wine, cooked chef-worthy meals for myself and danced while I cooked. I sat in candlelight watching movies with two Scoobie-Dos nudging each other to get closer to me on the floor.
The beautiful flowers of the summer garden will be gone now, but I still look forward to walking down through the terraced back yard in the cold early twilight with a glass of wine to find the moon. So, my plan this week will be to send my days your way in the hope that you will enjoy reading about them as much as I will enjoy living them.


  1. Sounds like a peaceful week you have planned... of course, the animals could change all of that in a heartbeat so here's hoping all goes well!! ;)

  2. Sounds interesting. The week you are outlining sounds like heaven! Have a great week!