20 December 2009

December Eyes and Ears

This month there has been no book reading, no movie watching and no new music purchased. Too much going on, too many places to be, too many things to do. However, that doesn't mean that I haven't read, watched or listened to anything new, just in a bit of a different format for December. This is also a thank you to so many for the gifts they've unknowingly given me this month.


*The poetry of a friend from Portugal whose words stir the air. Always beautiful, sometimes puzzling but always powerful. His link is to the right under my favorites places - Lerrnst. *The words of a friend from Australia who happened to mention that she had started to read my blog. She is struggling with something difficult and told me that my words had been her escape at night. I've thanked her but I don't know if she realizes the magnitude of the gift she has given me. *The family Christmas book my niece created for the second year in a row. Memories created by a young woman expecting her first child, creating her own family traditions. *The Pittsburgh Short Stories that my niece, nephew and myself have written for our friend Solan in Norway. I read them often, marveling at the tales that come out of sitting in a circle with two children and trading ideas back and forth.

Listening to:

*The remembered sound of the voice of a friend from Germany. He is absent for the moment, but I carry his voice with me always. *The radio broadcasts of two friends, one from North Carolina and one from Scotland. Diverse music from different parts of the world. *Another new friend from Portugal whose music, played on Blip.FM, makes me sit up and take notice. *The infectious laughter of a friend from California that I recently met on Twitter. She makes me laugh so hard, I cry. *The soft voice of a wonderful friend in Michigan, who is always there when I need her. *The sound of water, air and wind chimes on a download that a friend from Alabama created specifically for me, for the nights when I can't fall asleep.


*This part has been easy. December is a great month for watching. Christmas lights, snow, smoke from chimneys, slate-gray morning skies, black-barked trees outlined in white, red birds, decorated trees viewed through warm window light, clear ink-blue night skies, bright eyes, festive store windows, candlelight, stained glass in church windows, and so much more.

The new year will bring more books, music and movies to enjoy. For now, this is all I need. So, what have YOU been listening to, watching or reading this month?


  1. i write... and erase... and write... and erase... and try to say... and erase... i have no words... thanks... you shouldn't do that... sorry... i'm puzzling in here... and waiting for your next story, Diana, my friend

  2. Let's see - lots of Elmo books with Peyton & enjoying every moment - does that count? :)

    Grandma Janie

  3. Absolutely Grandma Janie :) Love you.