16 December 2009

The Pittsburgh Short Stories (#3)


Story by:
Justice Andrew
Shelby Ann
Auntie Di

Once upon a time there was a handsome man named Robert who lived in a beautiful old house in the city of Paris. His home was filled with singing birds and pretty things. The house sat in a large green field full of flowers. At the end of the field was a shady birch forest. Robert was a puppeteer who also made all of his marionettes. Robert lived alone with the marionettes. He was a shy man who had never met anyone with whom to share his beautiful home. His favorite marionette was one named Timothy. Every week he would take Timothy and go to visit sick children in the hospital. There he and Timothy would perform plays for the children, making them laugh and forget that they were sick and away from their families.

Robert came to know all the children by name and they looked forward to his visits with Timothy. One day Robert noticed a beautiful woman sitting alone by the bedside of a little girl named Olivia. Olivia had just come to the hospital and was very sick. He walked over to the beautiful woman and started talking to her. He found out that the woman was Olivia's mother and that they were all alone in the world with no family. She told Robert that Olivia was very sick and she was very worried.

The next day was Christmas Eve and Robert had planned a special holiday performance for the children for that night. He said good night to the beautiful woman, wished Olivia good dreams and said that he would see them both the next evening. He took Timothy to the children's playroom and placed him gently in a corner as a reminder to the children that he would be back on Christmas Eve and then left for the night.

Later that night the beautiful woman, who had still been sitting by her daughter's bedside, took a walk into the playroom. She sat down on the floor and saw Timothy sitting in the corner beside her. She picked him up and held him close to her. As she sat there thinking about her daughter, she started to cry, praying and wishing that her daughter would be well. As she cried, her tears fell on Timothy. After a while, she placed Timothy back in his corner and got up to go back to her daughter. As she walked away she glanced back at Timothy and noticed that his features were somehow softer and more gentle.

Late in the night, the beautiful woman fell asleep by Olivia's bedside. When she woke the next morning she found Olivia sitting up in her bed, smiling and healthy. Held closely in her arms was Timothy the marionette. The woman knew she had left Timothy in the playroom and couldn't imagine how he had gotten into Olivia's room. As she looked more closely, she saw what looked like tiny teardrops which had become a part of Timothy's face. When Robert came to the hospital that Christmas Eve night, the beautiful woman gave him the wonderful news that Olivia was well and happy. She also told him how Timothy had taken her tears and carried them through the night until Olivia had woken up.

That Christmas Eve night, Robert and Timothy gave the best performance ever and the children loved it. Robert came to love the beautiful woman and Olivia. Before much time passed, they became a family. Robert was no longer alone in his beautiful house. The sound of Olivia's laughter and the voice of the beautiful woman filled the empty spaces. Robert continued to visit the sick children every week, but now did so with his family. And Timothy, the magical marionette, was still the favorite and would forever be so.


[Family is a BIG thing with my little co-authors, as well as myself. Justice & Shelby's intentions with this story were to have something magical happen and to have a happy ending for a family. I think they did a wonderful job. Thanks again to our friend Solan, who provided yet another glorious photograph around which to create. We love you! ]

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  1. My compliments as usual to 3 amazing authors - as usual I am proud of you!!

    Aunt Janie