03 December 2009

Winter Adventures in Serendipity (#3)

I woke very early today from a dream and to the sound of rain and a howling wind. I dream often and in great detail, so much detail that I keep a book by the bed so that when I wake, I can immediately write down what I remember before it fades away. I haven't had any dreams for weeks. They seem to have found me again along with my dream walkers. I'm happy to have them back.

After the care and feeding of the menagerie, I took myself and my hot tea out to the garden wall again. It had stopped raining but the wind was still strong and coming from the direction of the river. I closed my eyes and listened to the sighing of dry leaves being brushed against each other by the wind. The air was fresh and cool. The first perfect moment of the day.

The remainder of the day was occupied by phone calls, emails, thought of friends in distant places, communications with friends all over the world (gleaning inspiration as I go) and another fine dinner, if I do say so myself. Grilled salmon and asparagus with couscous, followed by cheescake. A happy house-sitters divine perfection.

At some point this evening, I will take myself to the wood stove, prop my feet up with a good book and an espresso and enjoy the pleasure of my own company once again.

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  1. Much of it sounds glorious but maybe a bit work and lonely for me. I do like the music, reading and comfort by the wood stove though, that rocks big time!