04 December 2009

Winter Adventures in Serendipity (#4)

Today was a very quiet day, almost too quiet. As I sit here typing in a patch of bright sunlight, I can see the steel gray river through the trees. From my high vantage point it has the look of molten silver. It wasn't as cold today. Earlier in the day I took Gante the Great Dane down to the yard for another run. As he ran from one side of the yard to the other, I sat myself down on a swing on the hillside overlooking the river. No sounds but the squeak of the swing and wind in the trees. After I'd tired the dog out, I went and sat on the garden wall again and lost myself in thought, warm sun on lifted face.

I spent the rest of the afternoon talking to friends online and listening to music. What a slug I've become :-) I also felt the need to cook again, as I do when I stay here. Dinner will be a roast chicken, roasted herbed cremini mushrooms and carrots with polenta. That will be followed by coffee and chocolate cake, which I also felt the need to bake. And yes, I danced while I cooked. It's a requirement.

My plans for this evening will include another session on the garden wall after dark, some pampering, a movie and then maybe some writing. I may have been a slug today, but I was a happy one.

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  1. I like it!
    All the best from Solan