05 December 2009

Winter Adventures in Serendipity (#5)

Today was the last full day here in Serendipity. I woke early to snow and animals wanting out to play. I decided to get the chores over immediately, no coffee first. Fed the rabbits dogs cats birds, stoked the fire, brought more wood in and then sat on the garden wall in the snow. I'm not a camping kind of woman but I'm quite proud of myself for keeping a wood fire going 24 hours a day for five days. Quite an accomplishment.

Laziness & retrospection were the rule of thumb for the remainder of the day. I was feeling a little out of sorts and down and so decided to spend some quality time with my friends on Twitter. And I wasn't disappointed. I am increasingly amazed at the kindness, laughter, concern and camaraderie that I have experienced there from people who started out as complete strangers to me. People who know by the tone of my "words" that something isn't right, who can make me laugh out loud, who compliment and give respect, people who inspire me.

I have friends now from all over the world, from all walks of life, all with interesting stories to tell. People whom I've come to appreciate and look forward to "seeing" every day. The virtual friendships I've made are as sacred to me as any "real-life" ones could be. I spent the bulk of my time today conversing with a friend from Portugal. A poet who constantly amazes me with his ability to find the words to write everyday. His poetry is beautiful and evocative but it also challenges me and makes me think. I look forward to his daily poem, often with impatient foot tapping. I envy him as I struggle to find words tonight. But he is also a pleasure to talk with and he inspires me to continue to write. And, he makes me laugh.

So many friends, too many to name, but all appreciated. And while I prefer face-to-face communication, I am very grateful to have these people in my life, in any capacity.

It's now 7:25 pm. I need to bring more wood in for the night, the animals are all settled in, I have packing to do and a glass of Merlot is beckoning. Maybe I'll save the packing up for the morning and enjoy my last evening alone in Serendipity. I think a last final winter evening visit to the garden wall is also a requirement. It's a clear cold night. Go outside or look out your window. The first bright star you see will be the same one at which I will be looking. Enjoy the quiet pleasure of it as much as I will. A good night to you from Serendipity.


  1. As always Diana you bring home a great point in a very pleasent way. Since I too am a Twitterite I totally mirror your thoughts about the kindness there. Grab your wood, grab a drink, site by the fire and tell yourself that you are the greatest. You are!


  2. i won't forget to see that star on another night, but today is raining a lot. hey! now i see! there you are beautiful star!