01 December 2009

Winter Adventures in Serendipity (#1)

Day one in Serendipity began very early, five o'clock to be precise. You know that feeling of getting used to different surroundings, strange noises, trying to sleep without one's own pillow (forgotten at home) and the general worry that my apartment will burn to the ground while I am away! I will admit that I stayed up too late last night, first watching a movie and then reading the poetry of a friend from Portugal.

As I sat bleary-eyed waiting for my tea to brew, I glanced out the second story window at the back yard below me. I could see the icy gray of the river through bare black-barked trees and the thin watery sun making it's way up over the mountains. Tall feathery grasses bent into the wind and three black-eyed-susans bloomed stubbornly, defying winter. I had my tea and then another before donning my "farm" clothes to head out into the cold morning to feed the five waiting rabbits. The blue ribbon rabbit did not attempt an escape as he did the last time I was here, so that was a definite plus. I let Gante the Great Dane out into the yard and stood while he exuberantly ran figure eights around me. He had obviously had a great night's sleep.

Late afternoon brought blue skies and warmer sunshine. I took myself to the garden wall and sat watching the river below and the redbirds in the trees above me. As I sit here typing now, I am contemplating my dinner of steak cooked on the grill, saffron rice, fresh grilled vegetables and a smokey Merlot. After dinner, I will take myself and my wine to the garden wall again to sit and hunt the moon. And with luck, sleep and my missing dreams along with those who walk through them, will find their way back to me tonight.

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  1. Sounds like an awesome day to me, wouldn't complain at all about that one! Enjoy!