29 January 2010

The Pittsburgh Short Stories (#4)

  The Island in the Tappanic Sea    

                                  Written by:
                               Justice Andrew
                                 Shelby Ann
                                  Auntie Di
Once upon a time there was a man named Paul and his twelve year old daughter Paige who lived on a remote snowy island in the middle of the Tappanic Sea off the coast of Stoppalo.  Paul's family had lived on the island for generations and he and Paige lived in a beautiful bright blue house not far from the beach.  Just a short walk over the hillside behind the house would bring them to the rocky beach, where Paige would play in the summer months.  Paige had a dog, a german shepard puppy by the name of Sarge.

There was a land bridge that led from the island to the mainland, but in the winter months, the bridge was flooded and the only way to get to the island was by boat.  Paul's family had always taken care of the wild animals on the island.  Paige and her Dad would go for walks everyday along the beach and in the little forest in the middle of the island looking for animals that needed their help.

They had a red shed in the yard where they kept the sick and wounded animals.  Paige's job was to feed and water the animals while her father gave them medicine and changed their bandages. One morning, Paige woke up before her father and decided to go out to the red shed to start her chores.  She bundled up and made her way outdoors.  She went into the shed, which was warmed by a coal stove in the corner.  She took her coat off and started to feed the animals.  There was a red fox, two flop-eared bunnies, an owl with a broken wing and a raccoon with a broken leg. 

When she finished her watering and feeding, she sat down by the window to rest.  As she sat, she noticed in the distance, a shape sitting under the big oak tree by the house.  She put her coat on and walked through the snow to the tree and to her surprise, there was a doe lying under the tree.  The doe was hurt and couldn't get up.  Paige ran into the house to get her father.  Her father came out of the house and carried the doe into the red shed to take care of it.  While Paige was watching her father, she heard a noise outside. 

She walked around to the back of the shed and saw a little fawn standing there shivering in the cold.  It was the doe's baby, looking for it's mother.  It was so small, that Paige was able to pick it up and carry it into the shed.  The mother was too sick to feed the baby, so Paige warmed up some milk in a bottle and fed the fawn.  Paige and her father took care of the animals all through the long cold winter months.

When spring finally came and the island turned green and warm, Paige and her father were finally able to release the animals to their homes.  They released the owl first and watched him fly off into the trees hooting for his friends.  One by one, the rabbits, the red fox, and raccoon were sent out to find their homes.  Finally, when all the other animals had gone, Paige led the doe and her fawn out to the edge of the forest in the middle of the island.  She watched as they walked away side by side, turning once to look back at her.

During the warm summer months, Paige would often see the doe and her fawn standing at the edge of the forest, saying a quiet hello to her before turning to go back into the forest.  Even after Paige had grown up, she always remembered the doe and her fawn on the island in the middle of the Tappanic Sea.

[ This is #4 of the Pittsburgh Short Stories written by my co-authors Justice and Shelby (ages 6 and 11) and myself.  The photo is, once again, compliments of our very dear friend, Solan .  He is the inspiration for our stories and we write them for him alone.  Thank you Solan.]


  1. tears of goodbyes...tears of joy!

  2. thanks for another beautiful story

  3. Thank you Shelby, Justice & Auntie Di - another lovely story. I saw it all so clearly in my imagination. I hope these are all going into your book for the family :)

    Love - Aunt Janie