11 January 2010

Family Strength

I was given a glimpse today into how strong my family is as a unit.  I'd seen it many times before, but it always astounds me how we manage to come together to form one single force in times of stress.  My father had a heart attack on Sunday morning.  As of this writing, he is doing well and with hope even better this morning.

I have three brothers and three sisters. Those who are married have spouses who are right by their sides in time of crisis.  We all react differently to these frightening situations.  As we all sat in the waiting room at the hospital for news of my father, I looked around at my family gathered there.  Some sitting quietly, not wanting to speak, lost in thought.  My mother, small and frail.  Some reading, trying to take their minds off the worry.  Me, pacing because I'm unable to sit still, not wanting to give in to emotion.  Another sitting with eyes closed.  Another holding back tears. One standing with arms crossed, a guardian of protection.  A sister living out of state, wanting to be there.

But, once the doctor came in to give us news, all of that changed.  As a unit, we stood and listened, took notes, asked questions.  One single strong aggregate.  The attention of all of us focused on one thing and one thing only. Decisions agreed upon, support given to my mother to take some of the burden from her. Short visits to my father afterward, everyone replacing their worried faces with calm ones.  I love yous exchanged between children and their father.

I'm very proud of my family.  We may not always agree with each other, but we are ALWAYS there for each other.  I'm grateful tonight that they are mine.


  1. I love you Diana.


  2. I could only wish that other families could have what we have! We are one of a kind!! Love you Auntie Di!