13 January 2010

Just For Fun

I need a little fun this morning, so I have a simple game to offer, thanks to my sister Sharon.

Grab the closest book to you (no searching for your favorite). Go to page 56. Find the 5th sentence and post it as your comment.  You can include the name of the book also, if you'd like.  I'm curious to see what we are all reading right now :-)


  1. And we have to go back to Siracusa; the map listed forty-eight points of interest. from BELLA TUSCANY

  2. Grabbed the closest one on the book shelf: "Pretty girl. Who is she?" I, Alex Cross by James Patterson


  3. a malicious glare flashed in his eyes

  4. I wasted over two years of opportunity trying to prove I was right. In a sense, I was right to be big-game hunting, but it is much better to hunt where the pig game are roaming.

  5. "Perhaps the gentleman would like to see the study?"
    The Angel's game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon