08 January 2010

Let It Snow!

I was once again restless tonight, not able to sit and read, pacing and thinking.  As I walked to my window looking out onto the porch, I noticed that it was still snowing heavily.  It was at that point that I decided a late night visit to the porch was in order.  I wrapped myself up in warm clothing, grabbed a glass of my favorite Borba wine and headed out into the weather.

Luckily, my porch is enclosed on three sides so not much snow had fallen near the chair where I sat with feet curled under me.  The first thing I noticed was the silence. Not a sound, no cars, no voices, nothing. A most welcome silence.  As I sipped my wine, I watched the snow fall like a sheer and shimmery white curtain. 

I'd been complaining about the weather for days, along with everyone else. My mother tells me often that I was once a snow-child. Always the first one dressed and out into the weather.  The first one down the hill on a sled.  The one who always wanted to build the snowman.  Always waiting for the first snowfall.  As I sat there watching the snow, some of that child came back to me.

I recalled a conversation this week with a friend in a warmer climate. I told him I was jealous of his warm sun and proximity to a beach.  His comment back was that he was jealous because he couldn't make snowballs to throw at anyone.  A much lighter view of my complaining.  I stood and walked to the edge of the porch.  From my third floor I looked out over sleepy houses, bare trees softened by white powder and a tiny glimpse of the river sparkling in the distance.  I closed my eyes and leaned forward enough to let the snow settle on my face. 

All at once, I remembered what it felt like to have been that snow-child.  As I sit here and write at 1:35am, I'm looking forward to my view from the porch in the daylight. Let it snow!


  1. nice view of the snow. i don't believe i can really make you jealous with beach views, but i'll keep trying :-)

  2. Beautiful writing. Honestly. Loved the nostalgic feel of the post. Thanks for sharing

  3. It makes you remember that snow is still beautiful after all.