28 February 2010


Convergence = the point at which lines, objects, etc. meet.
Crossroads = a point at which a vital decision must be made.

You stand there in the center turning in circles. How to decide? You stop and look back over your shoulder at what is behind. Some of it you could take with you, some you MUST leave behind. It's imperative, do not let it follow. And you cannot, will not go back. You look ahead. Yes, it looks new, a little brighter. You take a step and think, is forward just more of the same but with a little less baggage? Is there change up ahead in the distance or simply what you've always known in the guise of something similar? A safe step.

You look and turn to the left. Yes, there is change there. You've had a glimpse of it, a taste of it. You didn't know it at the time, but that taste is what determined your reason for this attempt at a choice. To the left is the excitement that made you look there in the first place, the unknown that you discovered, and then lost along the way. It's still there, it just may never be yours again. Can you live with it and take that road? There may be many opportunities down that road to inspire you, but can you forget that one lost hope? The lost piece you carry because you will never leave it behind?

So then, you face the right. You stare long and hard, feeling as if you are struggling through a thick mist. You know instinctively that what you've been looking for is down that road. You don't know how you know, you just do. The mist clears suddenly and then it happens. The convergence of the other three roads into just one. The right one. The one that's been waiting for the sound of your footsteps. The one that will lead you to the peace, the person, the place, whatever it is that's been waiting for you to set foot on the right road.

You step, and step again. And finally, you are at the confluence of your past, present and future on the road that's been patiently anticipating your arrival. Don't hesitate, take it. It's been waiting for you.

[ The word from my favorite poet Lerrnst was Convergence. A good word. Thank you wonderful Poet ]

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