12 February 2010

The Pittsburgh Short Stories (#5)


Written by:
Justice Andrew
Shelby Ann
Auntie Di

Katrina had waited her whole life to go to Europe.  Her sister Angie had surprised her with a trip there for her birthday.  They had been driving around for weeks and found themselves one day in the city of Cortona. 

There was a festival in Cortona and they decided to stay for a few days at the Hotel Olivo.  The manager of the hotel was named Mario and he told them about all of the wonderful things to see and do in Cortona.  On the first morning of the festival, Katrina walked to the local market to buy fresh bread for breakfast.  She and Angie sat by their second floor window eating the wonderful bread with jam and watching the town of Cortona wake for the day.

After breakfast, the sisters walked into the town square where the festival was just beginning.  All the stores were opening and people were buying fruit, flowers, pastries and coffee.  There was a merry-go-round in the middle of the square that was running backwards!  Children were laughing and parents were smiling.  As the morning turned to afternoon, Katrina and Angie sat at a table by the fountain in the square to eat gelato.

At the end of the day, the sisters strolled back to their hotel.  Lying outside the door of a cafe was a bassett hound.  Angie broke off a piece of cheese that she had bought and gave it to the dog, who ate it in one gulp.  They had dinner with Mario at the hotel and then they all played dominoes until late into the night.  Before going to bed, they looked out their window at the fairy lights all around the town square and listened to the soft music still playing.

The next day, the sisters went back to the festival for more fun.  They ate home-made pizza, more gelatos and danced to music in the town square. As the daylight faded, they sat back and listened to the voices of the people around them. Much later, they went back to the hotel for another night and were very happy that they had stopped in this beautiful city.  The next morning, the traveling sisters said goodbye to Mario and the town of Cortona and got into their car.

They wondered where the road would take them next and the adventures that would be waiting for them.

[ Our thanks once again to our friend Solan for his wonderful photo.  He always makes us think.  This story was again, mostly from the imaginations of my co-authors.  They don't seem to be needing me much anymore :-) ]


  1. what a nice place to go... Cortona :-)

  2. Gelatos!!! mmmmm lovely story.

  3. Their imaginations are growing, Auntie Di :)