26 February 2010

Rewind, Revisit

This evening was a mellow one. I began it by speaking with friends all over the world, listening to music, a glass of wine and thinking about my birthday, which is imminent in one week. My birthdays have always been big days for me, even if I spent them alone. Some people say, oh it's just another day. Not me. I like my birthday. It belongs to me, no one can take it away.

I was looking through a box for some music that I had stored away and found some photo albums that I had forgotten about. I sat down at the dining room table and began to look through those albums. I suddenly found myself looking through the pages of my life. Photos from all over the country, from the time I left home to live in Texas, my home in Massachusetts, a trip to Hawaii and on and on. I looked at my face and my eyes in the photos and wondered if I could remember what "she" was thinking at the time.

This led me to walk to a mirror and look at "her" face. I pulled my hair back and stared hard. I noticed that I still had the same blue eyes that change color with emotion, but with little crinkles in the corners. I smiled and noticed that the crinkles were there BECAUSE I smiled. Not such a bad thing. And, best of all, the mischief and the curiosity were still there. I looked at myself for a few long minutes and decided that time had been kind to me.

I sat back down to finish going through the photos. I did cry then, but not from sadness. That journey simply reminded me of good times created during a good life. I was amazed at how much my sibling's children now look like them when they were young. The slide show below is a little sample of those photos. They may only be of interest to my family, but enjoy them for what they are. They are of my brothers and sisters, friends long gone and yes, some of me. I'm happy to say I still have great legs!  Those of you who know me, may recognize me immediately. Those of you who don't, good luck :-) When you do find me, look into my eyes. That's me. Then and forever.


  1. OMG - Too funny! I think you still look great. You really haven't changed that much. Still beautiful - every laugh line in place. Gosh I do see my kids in me - well at least I see Shelby - LOL!!! Love you Diana XOXO Happy Birthday next week!!! Janie

  2. i so enjoyed this. a backward walk into my best friends life! you are the same beauty now...as then.