19 February 2010

A Tangoed Web

They circle each other. Close enough to feel the heat, the air vibrating between them, eyes locked.  They have done this often but it feels new each time. The expectations more powerful with every completion of the circuit.

With eyes still locked, they touch.  Palm to palm, fingers glide slowly across skin covered with the maps of their lives.  A small hand to his shoulder, a commanding hand to the small of her back.  She feels an irresistible pull from him, invisible but with a power that draws her closer.  His eyes never leave hers.

They begin to move and he dominates completely.  She follows his lead with no hesitation.  She is in his hands and will go where he takes her.  They move as one, a single sensuous being.  They circle again, they step closer with faces a whisper away from each other and then, withdraw.  Their spines are rigid but their bodies sway around each other with tenderness and promise.  As they continue, she glances away from his eyes, trying to break the spell.  He won't allow it and moves her body so that she must face him again.  Two sets of eyes, hers deep and questioning, his hypnotic and veiled.

Skin glides across skin, small touches, barely there and then gone.  The brush of hair across a cheek, a whisper of breath in an ear and still they circle.  Until....a final step, a final circle, a completion of the dance. They stop, body against body, eyes locked tight.

And then.....they step away, one hand holding another as fingertips slide across damp palms.  No longer touching, they walk away, each looking over a shoulder, eyes searching.  Anticipating the next dance.

[ The word - Tango.  The Poet - Lerrnst .  When I heard the word, nothing would come to mind except how the dance looks and feels to me.  No story this time, just the effect of a word on my senses. ]


  1. beautiful heat! i experienced it as you unfolded the tale. ahhhh

  2. you found a new and interesting tango: tangoed web... but from your words i can imagine the dancers in white shoes, him with a black suit, her with a red dress, mind and bodies creating and music deciding all the next steps

  3. Very beautiful - I could see them very clearly.