11 March 2010

By Chance

CHANCE - the absence of any cause of events that can be predicted, understood or controlled.

What if...by chance...I hadn't taken that walk today. Would I have had the conversation I had with a complete stranger that changed my attitude?

What if...by chance...I hadn't seen an avatar of a dog and decided to speak to someone whose face I couldn't see. Would I have met someone who changed my life for the better, forever?

What if...by chance...that same person hadn't introduced me to a friend of his. Would I have been blessed by the best friend I've ever had in my life?

What if...by chance...something written in another language hadn't caught my eye. Would I have met a beautiful poetic man whose words fall on me like warm rain, always?

What if...by chance...the hard things in my life had never taken place. Would I have found the strength I carry with me now?

What if...by chance...I hadn't shyly asked someone a question about orchid hunting. Would I have found a friend who makes me laugh, dance and opens my mind to new things?

What if...by chance...I had never become fearless. Would I be sitting here writing these words without fear?

SERENDIPITY - fortunate discoveries by accident.

We can map our lives with great planning and determination. But it's those by-chance moments that can become the most remarkable pieces of our lives. The few that I've mentioned are just a small sample of the ones that have come my way. You can't go looking for them, they won't allow it. I'm hoping for so many more because the ones that have come to me...by chance...have made all the difference.

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  1. many questions, bur really only one. thoughtful and thrilling at the same time. what if??