30 March 2010

Once Upon A Time

Photo - Toni Frissell
They lived in a big beautiful house. Tall windows everywhere, full of light. Walls the color of warm ochre and wine red. Pieces of their life together everywhere you looked. Their books, music, art, photos of all the places they'd traveled together.

The lawn surrounding the house was green and verdant. There was a stand of white beech trees in one corner where they chased each other on a Saturday afternoon, hiding between the shadows and the light, stirring up the scent of pine. Her butter-yellow dress giving away her hiding place. They danced in the rain on that lawn until they were soaked to the skin, laughing like children.

They made love against the wall of the arbor, crushing roses. The cool scent clinging to them like a second skin. They cooked together, each comfortable in the presence of the other. Always moving together in a dance. Two of the same, a pair, a couplet. They spent hours talking and exploring, listening and validating life. They stayed up late, stayed in bed, missed each other and taught one another volumes about friendship and love.

They dined out, went to the symphony and the opera. They spent hours walking hand in hand through the cities of their choice. They sat in outdoor cafes watching the world go by, quiet glances shared, secret smiles. She adored him. He made her throw back her head and laugh. They were sure of themselves.

Once upon a time.....in a dream.

[Dedicated to two precious friends who lost their way in the circumstances of life.]


  1. dreams are dreams. sometimes they become real. sometimes it's better to continue to be dreams.

  2. Lerrnst
    You are very right and you've made me see this in a different light. Thank you.