21 March 2010

The Simple Life

I spent most of my day today outdoors, in the sun, in the warm air. I walked barefoot through new grass and picked wild daffodils in the woods. I listened to the sound of robins quarreling and children laughing. I sat quietly on a swing with my eyes closed and thought of friends far away, wishing them there. I walked around my parent’s house looking to see what spring flowers were waking up from a winter sleep. I saw buds on the rose bushes that my grandfather had planted when I was a child.

I played ball with a six year old and ran a foot race with that same six year old. He beat me. I sat and listened while he told me he liked a girl who rides the school bus with him and that she has brown hair, blue eyes and lives in a yellow house with a gray roof. He told me he asked her two times to be his girlfriend before she said yes.

I listened to my niece sing to herself in her beautiful voice and then listened more closely when she told me about a story she was writing. I watched as she and her brother climbed the favorite tree, a dogwood. Last year I had to help them climb, this year they didn’t need my help. But they still needed my undivided attention.

I sat with my parents looking at old photographs of my father’s family. Photographs that had just been found by a cousin after her mother had recently passed away. I had only seen two photos of my paternal grandfather during my life because he died before I was born. I looked at new photos of a man I’d never known but who now lives through my father. I sat in the kitchen eating a delicious Sunday meal prepared by my mother, who even at her age, does not let a Sunday go by without a proper sit-down meal.

I filled the bird-feeders and recruited the kids to pick up fallen branches in the yard so that their grandfather would not have to do it. They did it happily. We walked to the end of the backyard to the cave of pines so that my nephew could say hello to his imaginary friends, who, no matter the season, are always there waiting for us.

I did all of this today without my phone or my computer. I didn’t need to have a book to read or music in my ears. No email, no texts, no voicemails. No paper, no pen, no need to write. No wishing to be elsewhere, no plans. No worries and no wants. No demands or destinations.

Simply………….a day.


  1. A day, like no one...with no repetitions...open air, life is surrender to it. Smell the perfume of tiny flowers that grows in mature grass, walk barefoot over the mud, feel it passing through your fingers. Play around with some children, go up the trees...and see the world from up there...a vision that only eyes guided by a pure heart can stand for...while the wind murmures your name...calling you...grateful for your joy!

  2. simply... a day... and as i read, i read again, and stop for a while: the urgence to go everywhere and at the same time vanishes for a while and i take a moment to read it again... simply... again...

  3. a perfect day. do we all not wish to wear your shoes?