25 March 2010

Sleep Composition

Dark quiet. Nestled into the middle of the bed, soft sheets and warm blanket falling like a whisper across the body, two pillows shaped to the sleeper. The scent of lavender in the cool room air.

Listening to the silence, almost too loud after the chaos of the daylight. Eyes still open in the dark, mind still turning over the day's events. A restlessness still settled under the skin. And then suddenly, it begins. The first rumble of thunder in the distance. The thoughts cease and the ear listens as the first roll fades away. And then, the second and third, closer and stronger, the sound rolling through the night air, almost seeming to shake the dark room.

A smile in the dark as the first drop of rain hits the window. Eyes close as the patter of water begins it's symphony. High notes bouncing off the rim of the window, deep low notes thrown at the glass by the wind. Breathing slows as the tempo of rain on the window increases. The sound is all-encompassing now, backed by the muffled voice of the thunder.

Cool air with the aroma of electricity and sweetness weaves through the partially open window, displacing the hovering last thoughts of the day. The body moves deeper into the bed, finding the spot that will cradle it for the night. The mind lightens, useless thoughts drift off, leaving space for dreams.

One last breath of lavender air and...............sleep.

1 comment:

  1. time stood still
    it seems
    your mind saw
    the way I am with night's storms too
    the rumbles vibrating from toes to nose
    making me jump out of my skin
    in fits of giggles
    perfect snuggles between the pillows
    supported in the flow
    I hear your words paint the storm
    into my mind
    as I slip away into the rainy night