25 March 2010

Who Am I ?

A very dear friend gave me a book for my birthday which is a workbook as well. At the end of this book, I should be able to discover two descriptive words that capture my essence, who I am. The first word represents my foundation, my 80%. The second word is my creative edge, the 20% that distinguishes me.

I enjoy journeys of discovery. There's always a little surprise at the end. I found old photos of myself and when I looked at them I came up with two words immediately for that little girl. The mischief has never left me, it's always there, just sometimes under the surface. I look at the photos with my parents, juggling the first three of seven children, taking turns being photographed. In both photos, I am looking away from the camera. Was I being stubborn? Did something catch my curiosity and keep it? Was something already pulling me away from home? I can't remember, but I can come up with two words to describe me at that moment.

However, the words I find for the "me" then, don't seem to fit the "me" now. Why is that, I wonder. Is it just due to age and experience that the words no longer fit? Do we lose the original 80% and 20% of ourselves when we stop being children? Why can't I still be the two words I've given to myself back then?

So, my question for you is this; if you could describe me in one or preferably two words, what would they be? For anyone who hasn't met me face to face, don't be shy. Just base it on what you DO know of me. I'm not searching for compliments and am prepared for some words that may surprise me. I would like to hear whatever comes to your mind :-)


  1. The two words I would use for you are generous and determined. I would also say wise if I'm allowed 3.
    From Sharon via Facebook

  2. The best words I can used to describe you would be resilient & strong-willed & I also need a third (free-spirited).


  3. STRONG! and incredibly vulnerable. a paradox, no?

  4. all the words i've seen written may describe you a little. trying a different approach, i thought of you through the words butterfly and rose... and suddenly all words start dancing and it's difficult to choose :-)

  5. My two words will be creative and seeking. Enjoy your wine, listen to music and live your life. All the best from Solan :{)

  6. You, my friend...are unbridled passion.