17 April 2010

Do You Hear Me?

Undine ~ George Frederick Watts
Do you hear the unsaid words
i whisper in my sleep
echoing across chasms.

Do you hear the scratch of pen on paper
encoding silent language
into hidden thoughts.

Do you hear the sound of heartbeats
rising and falling rapidly
with arrivals and departures.

Do you hear the sudden laughter
at the unexpected contact
of the surprise and of the pleasure.

Do you hear the questions
and the wonder-whats
the what-ifs and the maybes.

Do you hear the promise
and the possibilities
the clamorous anticipation.

Do you hear me?


  1. i don't know if there is someone to hear, or if there is someone speaking, but this poem made me come here a few times

  2. LOVE this! I'm looking forward to exploring the rest of your work. Dani @ddh77