27 April 2010


WAITING ~ Jeremy Lipking

The bars on my prison
are not made of iron
no, much worse
solidly formed
of oceans and countries
travel and time
i plan my escape
over and over
only to find
new fortifications
i seethe with impatience
demanding bars to lift
like fog in the sun
then I sit
whittling away at the barricades
knowing that one day
you will be walking the beach
with tall rocks and golden light
you will spot in the distance
a small figure
at the edge of a living dream
it will be me


  1. We are trapped in a lush desire to be completely satisfied. An overwhelming passion for ourselves, a relentless search for control over others. But what if we could change the game? Direct our passions out of us, with the intention of fulfilling the desires of another? We are microcosms pulsating, living to live. There is no cohesion in the chaos. It is time we connect to each other again in collaboration, not to compete, as cancer cells in a body. This way, maybe we can re-create an entire universe of freedom!

  2. Mauricio,

    The prison I speak about has nothing to do with being completely satisfied. It's simply a desire to finally find "home", where ever that may be. And with that, my passions will be directed outward to others. Having said that, I agree with what you say in your context :-) Thank you!

  3. Thank you, Diana! My comment is not about your beautiful poem directly, but about the sort of emotions and thoughts it evoked in me. Being away from home as we are...even with us living inside it, you know what I mean? Enchanted words as yours can put us to experience waking dreams!!! :-)

  4. Mauricio,
    I like where your thoughts went, in another direction :-) Now that I go back and read, I see something different, thanks again.