03 April 2010

Little Luxuries

I allowed myself the luxury of staying in bed this morning long after I’d woken. Normally once I’m awake, I feel guilty just lying there when I have so much to do in the day ahead. Not today. I burrowed deeper into the bed, pulled the blanket tighter under my chin and just enjoyed some reverie. I rose from my warm sanctuary when I felt like it, guilt-free and happy.

Have you ever noticed how these little luxuries can set the tone for the rest of the day or, even close the day on a good note? They’re never momentous events and mean nothing to anyone but ourselves. They aren’t something we should have or do all the time. Then they wouldn’t be luxuries.

I have other little luxuries. Reading in bed in the wee hours, expensive lingerie and ridiculously high heels, cooking a gourmet dish just for myself, sitting on the porch at night watching the moon, listening to a child tell a story, falling asleep on the sofa while watching movies all day, expectation and anticipation, a fresh flower in the vase on my desk. The first snowfall and the first sight of the yellow spring forsythia. The aroma of lilacs.

So, your task this weekend is to give yourself a luxury. Only for yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything important, expensive or noticeable to anyone other than you. A simple gift to you. And then, tell me what it was you did :-)


  1. you must agree if i told you my little luxury to myself this weekend, it wouldn't be only mine, then :-)
    and instead of a little luxury, it may be a very important improvement to our self.
    a very good idea to do often :-)

  2. I love all of your little luxuries! Especially the one about listening to a small child telling a story. Fantastic imagery!