06 April 2010

The Pittsburgh Short Stories (#6)

Mason and Sophia's Journey
Justice Andrew
Shelby Ann
Auntie Di

Mason and Sophia were friends and had been in Greece for three weeks. They had traveled there with Mason's father who was busy everyday with business. Mason and Sophia had spent their time exploring Athens on a motorbike; visiting all the sites, the markets and all the little neighborhoods in between. They spent hours and hours on the bike until they knew the city like their own home.

They had one more day left in the city and decided to take a quick ride to one of their favorite places, The National Gardens. It was a very hot day and after walking through the gardens, they sat down back to back on a stone bench to rest. They talked about the wonderful things they'd seen on their journey and how they would like to come back again to visit one day. The air became heavy and before too long Mason and Sophia felt their eyelids dropping and they both nodded off into a nap.

Suddenly, they found themselves sitting in the same spot they had been a moment ago, but it looked completely different. Everything was familiar, yet somehow changed. They realized they had gone back in time to an older Athens. They took each other's hand and started to walk through the city they had come to know so well. All the beautiful buildings they had seen only as ruins were now transformed into the way they had looked originally. The marketplaces were full of people and noise. They tasted food they had never eaten in their modern Athens, listened to new voices and languages.

They made friends with some children playing ball in a paved courtyard and were invited to lunch by the parents of the children. Later, after lunch, they all walked to the great open theatre built into a hillside and watched a play until the sun went down. On the way back, Sophia noticed a beautiful white stone on the ground in the shape of a heart and she picked it up. Mason and Sophia were very tired so their new friends invited them to stay overnight. They fell asleep in soft beds surrounded by white curtains in rooms cooled by the sweet night air.

When Mason and Sophia woke up, they found themselves sitting back to back on a stone bench in the middle of The National Gardens with the sun setting slowly behind them. In Sophia's hand was a small white stone in the shape of a heart. They turned to look at each other and started to laugh. They both agreed that this had been the best part of their visit and would be a secret between them forever. They walked to their motorbike, got on and sped off into the center of the busy city, ready for their next adventure together. Where would it take them next time?

[Justice and I must confess that we contributed very little to this story.  Justice was distracted by chocolate bunnies and I was busily trying to take notes on Shelby's ideas. She knew exactly what she wanted to write, right down to the where, when and how.   Our thanks again to our most beloved friend Solan Renolen for providing the inspiration with his photography.  Click on his name and view his photos, a wonderful journey :-) ]


  1. those little ones become more imaginative with each story! cheers to you Auntie Di, you have given them a gift that will last a lifetime!

  2. Shelby's becoming quite the little writer thanks to her aunt - I, like Justice, would be attacking the chocolate bunnies :)

    Aunt Janie