25 April 2010

You Make Me Crazy

Movement I ~ Jonathan Parsons

The pandemonium begins with the sunrise
in one of my first thoughts, a spinning carousel
of unanswered questions, questions, questions.

It keeps it's hooks in me, no matter
that I ignore, push away and deny it.
I bury it, only to have it work to the surface again.

It sneaks in when I least expect it with
a word a song a look a sound a letter a picture
pulling my thoughts from what I should do to what I will.

I tell it to go away, to give me rest,
to become nothing. But it sits patiently and waits
for me to say come back, don't leave, have meaning.

It walks through my dreams, rumples my bed
stirs my imagination, pulls me deeper.
Then begins the seduction once again,
taking over me, one piece at a time.

You make me crazy. Exactly what I want. What I like.

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