22 May 2010

And So It Goes

Infinite greed
taking land, oceans
leaving destruction
and waste

Ribbons of oil like
sweet deep chocolate
fouling my water
my land my life

A dam built for power
to take power from
the last place of magic
not yet owned

Trash flying through the air
on a breeze tainted by smoke
humans with no regard for humans
with no regard for a future

Bits of earth disappearing piece
by bigger piece
Impotence, outrage, frustration and anger
coupled with hope, belief and trust

We slowly kill our world
with greed and so-called need
thinking only "right now"
and never about the consequences

What's the point of preaching
conserving teaching and planning
for every one who saves
one thousand destroy

Explain it to me please.

1 comment:

  1. It would be explain with one lonely word: EGOISM.