06 May 2010


Le Sieze Septembre ~ Rene Magritte

He waits.

until the eyes grow heavy
the breathing slows
and the twilight deepens.

He steps lightly.
past the day's rubble
forcing it behind him
making room for what he brings.

He weaves a story.
spun from unspoken desires
unrealized dreams
and anticipation.

He tempts.
leading the willing dreamer
down once forbidden roads
now open to exploration.

He touches.
the dreamer is lost
incapable of flight
unable to resist.

He retreats.
from the light
from the half-opened eyes
from the wakening.

He waits.


  1. Male and Female....eternal

  2. Where something is anything; the dream is the space around it unseen. Thanks for this Diana, yet another one of your gems. :)