14 May 2010


Photo ~ Jason Edwards

Waking to the sound
of tapping on the window
sharp little liquid fingers
add punctuation to the quiet night.

A sleep-dark room bathed
in a milliseconds flash of light
while rumbles in the distance
send a shiver across the wooden floor.

Electric heavy air through the open window
carries the aroma of expectation
the crackle of hot wires
the taste of rusted metallic water.

And then the full force arrives
windows quake, the bed shakes
hairs rise on the neck
and the spine tingles with each strike.

Heart-stopping breath-taking
eyes wide waiting for the next flash
until the storm slips and slides away
and the sleep-dark quiet reigns again.


  1. Aha! What more beautiful things can you extract from off the top of your head"? Your pen is fast and aim the emotion like an arrow! You poetress! ;-)