27 May 2010

Life Always Waits

Soft Landing ~ Steven Mitchell

It's late.  I've been outside sitting beneath moon-shine and drinking cool crisp Portuguese wine.  Barely a stir of air, but when it does pass by, it feels like the touch of a lover. 

I've been reviewing my day like a slide show.  A good day. A 6am run on the track by the river...goose down from all the nests at the river floating like the lightest of snow. Some pressing projects accomplished. Good news in the mail.  Good music.  Good conversations with friends all over the world.  My father asking for help. A good day.

And then....

A voice on the phone.  A dear beloved friend with news about her health. Listening carefully, looking up facts on the computer while she speaks the dreaded words, gathering data, asking questions.  No emotion, non-human mode in full gear.

Then, I remembered a quote that I heard earlier today by Paulo Coelho . "Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant."  And, in an instant, humanity came rushing back to me. I realized how much truth there is to that statement.  Despite the fragility of life, we are at our finest in the worst of times.  Life is at its most powerful when we are fighting for it. Every thought, every action, every single leaf on a tree is magnified and clearer during crisis.

My friend will read this, I know.  I'm worried, scared and angry. She also knows how fierce I am, how I fight, how I protect.  She will know that she is not alone. A good day after all.

Life always waits.....we just have to catch up to it.


  1. im crying as i write this..to UNDERSTAND that my sister is real and not just words on a phone is overwhelming. we can be frightened together; because of you, im not alone.

  2. First and foremost, best wishes to your friend, Diana. I'm sure you will be a great comfort to her during her time of difficulty, and perhaps it won't be so bitter.
    Next, I'd say that you are absolutely correct in what you wrote. I have seen peoples' behavior and attitudes change in a heartbeat, simply because life came to beckon and ask for its dues.
    One important thing to remember, I think, is that we are owed nothing; everything is a gift. As long as we are grateful and gracious for the time we get, life will turn out alright in the end. Showing compassion and generosity towards those less fortunate is an excellent example of saying thanks :-)

  3. it's amazing how strong we are when we need to be...and that is probably what your friend counts on....
    supported in many place
    my heart sends you waves