02 May 2010


Windswept Tree ~ Jason Edwards

My defenses.....are down.

Weak and tired
tender and sick
seven days with no power
to spare for my protection.

My defenses.....are weak.

Letting in danger
through the cracks
in the walls of my fortress
forcing me to hide away.

My defenses.....are deceitful.

Tricking me into believing
that normalcy is back
that I am back
to me.

My defenses.....are transparent.

Granting a view into a life
habitually guarded and protected
with access only allowed
by invitation.

My defenses.....aren't there.

Do what you will
steal my heart
or break it
I won't fight you today.


  1. i can't steal your heart if i can be there, as you are on mine

  2. Your defense can seem to be down, but your consciousness not. I believe that in times like this, is when Nature assumes the role of a guardian and protect you as Her child...as you are protected by the love of us all...a collective, big, strong, pulsating heart. Can you feel the warmth we're sending to you? A bright, blue bubble of protection is surrounding you now...