11 May 2010

On The Borders of Eerie ~ Chapter II

The Nightmare ~ Henry Fuseli

She'd spent her day struggling through mounds of tedious work, attempting to stay alert and focused.  Every glance out the window above her desk did nothing to stimulate. Gray skies, rain and a descending sense of gloom filled her view.  After several hours she threw her glasses to the desk, closed the books and left the tedium behind.  She poured herself a glass of wine and stretched her body, feeling that forgotten uneasiness settled in her bones once again.

Months had passed since the last encounter and she hoped that her discomfort was simply a result of fatigue.  She finished her wine and walked to the bedroom.  She undressed and lowered herself onto the waiting bed.  Her body melted into the warmth and she began to drift. She fell asleep but her mind opened and she suddenly found herself in her own dream, standing to the side, watching herself sleep.  She saw her dream-self whispering, as if in conversation with someone as yet unseen.  Her body arching and curling forward, arms reaching to pull something closer.

Without warning, she was torn from her place as observer into her dream-self.  She felt the warmth of another body beside her, a hand lifting the back of her head, her lips opening for a kiss.  Her body a traitor, languid and useless. The unseen lips touched hers and she felt nothing but an overwhelming sense of loss.  The kiss grew deeper and rougher and she began to struggle, not with her body, it knew nothing but the pleasure.  She was now locked within a dream, within herself.

She knew instinctively that it had found her again.  It had tricked her, waiting until she was weak and vulnerable.  Her body was lost to the pervading evil but her mind raged and fought the foul void that was slowly inching its way through every part of her being.  Its prize, her humanity. She howled and pounded fists against her weakening body, shaking it to the core.  She was mindless in her struggle now, intent to break free at whatever cost.

Abruptly and without warning, her eyes flew open.  She sat up in bed, her body bruised, heart racing, teeth bared, nerves exposed.  Her eyes narrowed as she glanced slowly around the room.  It was there, in the room, waiting.  She'd won again. The battle had just begun.

(On the Borders of Eerie ~ Chapter I)


  1. riveting! can't wait for next installment

  2. Anonymous12 May, 2010

    Haha - not fair. How long before the next chapter? Janie

  3. Chillingly intriguing! Can't wait to see where this goes..?