17 May 2010

The Pittsburgh Short Stories (#7)

Written by:
Justice Andrew
Shelby Ann
Auntie Di

Photography ~ Solan Renolen

Jacob lived in the American Southwest. He lived in the desert and created sculptures out of stone of all the living creatures that lived near his home.  His favorite animal was a lizard that slept in the sun all day on his porch.  The lizard wasn't afraid of him and they became friends.  Such good friends that Jacob named the lizard Spike.  Jacob had never made a sculpture of Spike, even thought he had always wanted to.

One day Jacob received a letter offering him a job in the city.  A famous museum wanted him to bring his sculptures there to exhibit them and also to spend some time making new ones to display around the city streets.  He didn't want to leave his home in the desert but, he really did want to see something new.  So, one morning, while Spike was sitting in his favorite sunny spot on the porch, he said goodbye and left for the city.

He became very famous and his sculptures could be found in all the best places.  He forgot about his home in the desert and he even forgot about Spike.  Until one day when his friends in the city asked him to sculpt something very special for the center of the town square.  Every idea he had for the sculpture just didn't seem special enough.  And then suddenly he remembered his desert home and his friend Spike.  And then he decided.  The sculpture would be of Spike.

Once the carving was completed, it was placed in the town square.  Everyone who looked at it always smiled and the children always wanted to climb up and touch Spike's foot.  As Jacob watched how much everyone enjoyed having Spike there, he realized that his time in the city was over and that he wanted to be back in his desert home.

He moved back a few days later.  He drove up the road to his house just as the sun was setting.  As he walked up the steps to the door, there on the corner of the porch in the last hot ray of sun was Spike....welcoming him home at last.

[ As we sat around the dining room table, my co-authors insisted that the animal in the photo was a lizard and that his name would be Spike.  Shelby had pages of notes prepared before we sat down and Justice listened, as he does, politely asking if it was his turn to add an idea.  I think I will let them write the next story all by themselves Solan :-) ]

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  1. Once again Diana, you never fail to spike the joy in my day ☼