04 May 2010

Room in Her Heart

She carried an empty room in her heart
that had been vacant for a very long time. Dusty with disuse, windows locked, the door sealed shut against occupancy for her sake alone.

Efforts were attempted from time to time
to find the key that would fit the soul that ruled the heart, to throw open the windows, paint the walls, bring life back to that room.  But the keys never fit or rusted away with time.

Often she wished the room to be used again
but then thought how much easier it was to keep it sealed.  Less work, less worry, less interruption to her perfectly ordered world, less chance of another tenancy gone when least expected.

But one day, when she wasn't looking
and her guard was down 
the walls painted themselves white and words in black filled
the blank spaces like a pen scratching across paper.

The occupant had moved in without a key
without her knowledge, without a sound and had taken possession despite her instinctual attempt to evict, to refuse to allow the room to be inhabited again.

Then, she found herself standing outside the door
listening carefully to the sound of words being written by
the one who hadn't needed the key
the one who now owned the room
that had never been owned.


  1. Beautiful beyond the words on the wall. May the light that has claimed your heart, invite you home again, to your love. :~)

  2. As a faun, who knows by heart the musical notes that make vibrate Nature, he painted himself in sky and whistled a song ... so ancient that made the nymph's heart sing a melody. A counterpoint to spread in harmony a spiral of love... until the universal rhythm of life has begun!

  3. an unspoken invitation. a room filled, a life started over. lovely, lovely words written by the best!