13 May 2010

Tell Me Something Good

Photo ~ Ilona Wellmann
I'm in a melancholy mood today so apologies in advance for the rant, the complaint, the whine, the other Diana.  I've, for the most part, mastered my reactions to the onset of this kind of day by letting it simply slide off my back.  Unhappiness doesn't find me often but there are those days when it digs it's claws in and refuses to be shaken loose.

There could be several reasons for my "blues" today.  Is it the onset of the anniversary of the death of a deeply missed loved one?  Is it the worry over the health of a very close friend?  Maybe it's the revised view of my aged parents and how much help they are beginning to need or perhaps, the concern for someone dear whose unclear struggles have yet to be shared with me.

Is it the weather, this chill gloom?  It could be my impatience to have answers to questions as yet unanswered.  Is it that same nagging impatience to get on with a life of my choosing? I'm almost there, but there are still some stumbling blocks to kick out of the way first.  Is it the sound of my beating heart that has finally found a home, but can't move into it because there is no key?  Is it a longing, a desire, a hoped-for wish to be granted? 

Oh my.  Now that I read what I've written I see that the solutions are there for these questions and some others that I haven't even mentioned.  And, there are so many other problems so much bigger than my own. So things really aren't so bad afterall.  I'm going to lift my mood with some music but just in case that doesn't work, I will ask you just one favor.......tell me something good today.  You'll find me where the wild roses grow.

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  1. tell you something good...there will ALWAYS be roses for you dear Diana. you seem to attract them.