29 June 2010

Adventures in Solitude

John William Godward ~ Noonday Rest
Those of you who have read me for some time now, might recall the little series I wrote here twice last year called Adventures in Serendipity.  The new series will begin in over a week when I go to house-sit again at the home with the terraced gardens, two Great Danes, seven puppies, four cats and one bird.  

However, these last two weeks I have been house-sitting in a beautiful home with a heated pool, a hot tub and one dog. And solitude.  Hours upon hours of solitude, some days not seeing a single person or hearing a voice except on the telephone.  No need to go anywhere, to see anyone, or to even dress in anything other than a bathing suit.  I eat when I'm hungry, drink what I please, sleep or not, laugh out loud to myself, not worry. This is sounding more like a vacation than a responsibility :-)

I've read four books, taken countless photos, taken six naps, enjoyed a 1 am swim, lain in the hot tub while fireworks blossomed above my head and happily weeded the garden. I danced through a sprinkler in the sun like a child.  My skin is brown and warm and my eyes are more blue.  My body feels as young as my brain thinks it is and I move with a grace and easy sway that remind me of the woman I am. My smile comes to me easily for no reason.  I've written four chapters to the never-ending book I started a year ago. 

I dream of men with guitars and poets across oceans.  My mind is open to everything and my heart is closed to no one.   So, this is solitude. A gift. See you shortly in Serendipity.


  1. Serendipity with the §£∫ƒ ... plazwr !

  2. damn...KNEW i should have gone with you!! enjoy my sister, enjoy.